Today's Top Hindi / English SMS Messages

God Has 3 Answers For Each Prayer

God Has 3 Answers For Each Prayer:
1. Yes

2. Wait

3. I Have Another Plan For U.

But He Never Says ‘no’.
Trust Him Always & He Will Bless You.

The Worst Regret We Have In Life

The Worst Regret We Have In Life
Is Not For The Wrong Things We Did
But For The Thousands Of Right Things
We Did For The Wrong People.

Life Is A Question Messages

Life Is A Question,
Nobody Can Answer It.
Death Is An Answer,
Nobody Can Question It..!!

Love And Faith Quotes

Love And Faith Are Like Shining Moon

Which Can Hide All Your Problems

Same As Moon Hides The Darkness…!!

Attitude Quotes In English

If Your Attitude Is Strong Enough To Kill Me,

Mine Is Intelligent Enough To Haunt You After My Death..!!

Guy Truly Loves His Girl

A guy who truly loves his girl…..
doesn’t need to unbutton her
To get a better view of her heart

Khuda Ka Shukar He K Aansu Be Rang Hote Hen

Khuda ka Shukar He k Aansu Be Rang Hote Hen,
Varna Raaton ko Bheeg Jaane Vaale Takiey Buhat Raaz Khol Diya Karte.

Raat Bhar Jagta H00n Main

Raat Bhar Jagta H00n Main Aik Aisay Shaks Ki Khatir
Jissay Din K Ujaalay Mein Bhi Kabhi Meri Yaad Nahi Aai.

Mohsin Night Poetry

Kash tu dekh sakta mujy raat ke is pehar me
Kitni bedardi se teri yaad meri nend chura leti hy.

Lakeeron Mein Likh Diya Intzar

Phir muqadar ki lakeeron mein likh diya intzar,
Phir wohi raat ka aalam aur mein tanha be’qarar..