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We have compile latest messages of breast-kam-karne-ka-tarika-by-urdu-words for your friends and families. Select breast-kam-karne-ka-tarika-by-urdu-words messages and send breast-kam-karne-ka-tarika-by-urdu-words greetings in wishes to show how much your friends are important for you.

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May 29 2013

Bakra Eid Hadees Sms Mesages Collection In Urdu

Bakra Eid Hadees SMS Mesages Collection In Urdu
Qurbani Kertey Waqt Ki Dua
//Bismillahi Wallahu Akber//
(Sahi Bukhari O Muslim)

May 30 2013

Hindi Urdu And English Friendship Day Sms In 2011

Friendship Day sms in Hindi Urdu And English 2011

Last Night i Caught some Glitter Stars
I will Give them
2 the People
who r
just so
2 Me…
Catch it…
Its 4 U 2 make your Day a happiest Day My Friend.

May 30 2013

Friendship Hindi Urdu English Wishes And Quotes 2011

Hindi Urdu English Friendship Wishes and Quotes 2011

Friendship is not about ‘its ur fault’.

But its about ‘sorry bol chupchap’.

Its not about ‘can i take this?’
Its about ‘oye maine leliya’

Its not about ‘can i share your tiffin?’
Its about ‘tere liye thoda chhod diya hai’

Its not about ‘how is your studies going?’
Its about ‘ajkal newton ban raha hai, sudhar ja”.

May 29 2013

Eid Al Adha Sms In Urdu English 038 Hindi 2011

Eid al Adha Sms In Urdu

Aaj say Aamire Garibi ka fasle na rahe,
Aaj say Aamire Garibi ka fasle na rahe,
Har Insan ek duje ko aapna bhai kahe,
Aj sb kuch bhool ka aa gale lag ja,

Mubarak ho tuje yeh EID-UL-AZHA

Eid al Adha Sms In English

On Eid Ul Adha
May all ur sacrifices are accepted by ALLAH
And you are showered upon
by his love and blessings
Eid Mubarak

Eid al Adha Sms In Hindi

Dil ki Gehraiyon se
Ka intezar karein
Filhal sabzi aur daal per guzara karein.

May 29 2013

Eid Ul Adha Sms In Urdu 038 English

Eid Ul Adha Sms In Urdu

Dastuk di kesi ne
Kaha kushiyan laya hoon
Inbox choota na per jae, itni duain laya hoon
Naam hai mera SMS
Aap ko advance me EID Mubarak kehne aya hoon

Eid Ul Adha Sms In English

Hope Love & Laughter,
warmth & wishes
joy and a Bouquet of Eid Wishes,
Especially for you!!!
jublications become a past of your eid and your life….!

May 29 2013

Eid Urdu Ghazal Sms

Eid Day Urdu Ghazal Shayari
Main Ne Chaha Tujy Eid Pe Kuch Paish Karn
Js Ma Ehsas K Sb Rang Hn Roshn Roshn
Js Ma Ankhun K Trashy Huwy Mooti Laakhun
Js Ma Shamil Hu Mere Qalab Ki Darkhan Darkhan

May 25 2013

Dating Tips In Urdu Hindi And English 2011

2011 Dating Tips In Urdu Hindi And Englis

1. be nice to everyone (including animals), not just your crush. Girls notice these things.

2. Make excuses to talk to her. She’ll appreciate that you’re going out of your way to talk to her. (I.e. ask her ‘what time is it?’ to borrow a pencil or pen etc.)

3. When asking her out, don’t be afraid of her saying no, if she does, chances are she won’t be mean about it. But even if she doesn’t like you right now, she IS flattered that you’re paying attention to her. We all love to be noticed. She may say yes at a later time. Ask AGAIN

4. If you have a girlfriend, include her in your life, don’t exclude her. If you play sports, ask her to come to one of your games and meet the team. Introduce her to your family. Do things that YOU like to do, except, with her. She wants to be a part of your life, not watching in from the outside.

5.Innocently touch her whenever you can. If your nervous, try starting out by touching her arms or shoulder when you talk or when you’re walking. See how she reacts and go further if you get the ‘all clear’.

6. हम सभी को प्यार आश्चर्य है, वे हमें विशेष और प्यार लग रहा है. मैं पार्टियों यद्यपि नहीं कहा. यदि आपका एक आश्चर्य पार्टी की योजना बना, मित्रों और परिवार से पूछना यदि वह पहले सामान की तरह पसंद करता है.

7. चापलूसी स्वीकार्य है, और सराहना की. लेकिन सिर्फ अगर तुम यह मतलब है. उसके बारे में सूचना छोटी चीजें है, बस नहीं कहता सभी समय ‘तुम सुंदर हो’. अगर वह अपने बाल अलग पहनता है, उसे बताओ कि तुम इसे पसंद है. अगर वह जूते की एक नई जोड़ी हो जाता है, उन्हें नोटिस. इसके अलावा, उसके व्यक्तित्व चापलूसी.

8. सब के बाद. सिर्फ उसे प्यार करता हूँ और उसे तुमसे प्यार करता हूँ. कि सभी वह सचमुच चाहता है. को प्यार और प्यार.

May 30 2013

Future K Urdu Mahaawry Aur Un K Meanings

Future k Urdu mahaawry aur un k meanings…

*Light aa gai = boht khushi ka izhar krna

*Aj light nai jae gi= jhoot bolna

*Light kb ae gi? = namumkin cheez ka intezar krna

*Ap k ghar light nai hai kya? = izhar e afsos krna

*Yhan pe to light hai :) = fakhar krna

*Aj light nai gai?= boht hairan hona;

May 30 2013

Urdu Hindi And English Funny Text Sms Messages 2011

Urdu Hindi And English Funny Text Sms Messages 2011

Sardar ki wife inspecter se!
Mera husband ek hafte pehle aalo
lene gaya tha abhi tak wapis nahi aaya:-(

Inspector bhi sardar tha bola:-
to behan kuch or paka lo:-)


Police: 15
Time Check: 14
Love: 143
Fraud: 420
Muslim: 786
Cigarette: 555
Bear: 500
Mobilink: 300
James Bond: 007


Sardarji to others:
Did anyone lose money wrapped in a rubber band?
One said, Yes I did
Sardar: Well, it’s your lucky day,
I found the rubberband!

May 30 2013

Urdu Funny Sms

Urdu Funny Sms

2 Dost

Year 1978

A= Yaar yeah light kab jati ha?

B= Pata nahe? Shaid saal main aik baar!!!

Year 1988

A= Yaar yeah light keon jati ha???

B= Pata nahe? Shaid Transformer badaltay hain.

Year 2009

A= Yaar yeah Light kab aey ge???

B= Jab hamaray Ilagay ke aaey ge! to tumharay ilaaqay ke aaey ge.

Year 2015

A= Yaar yeah light aaey ge aaj???

B= Nahe Aaj Multan main ha! Lahore ke bari kal hai!!!

Year 2020

A= Suana ha puranay waqton main Pakistan main bhe Light hua karti the???

B= So Ja Light White kuch nahe hua karti!!!

Sab tumhara waham ha.

Yeah ha hamara Pakistan!!!