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We have compile latest messages of good-bye-shayri-for-sistersms-2013 for your friends and families. Select good-bye-shayri-for-sistersms-2013 messages and send good-bye-shayri-for-sistersms-2013 greetings in wishes to show how much your friends are important for you.

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May 30 2013

Latest Good Friday Text Sms 8211 Messages 8211 Wishes And Greetings

Latest Good Friday Text Sms and Greetings

FMay on this GOOD FRIDAY we start it with
Fasting and Prayers so that we can bring
God’s mercy and forgiveness on all mankind
Lets Pray together.

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Dec 20 2013

Have A Sweet Dream Bye Bye

-(@)) ))))))))))))))) ))
—-//. .G. . . . . . . . .//
—//. . . .O . . . . . . //
… –//. . . . . .O . . . . //
-//. . . . . . . . D. . //
(( (((((((((((((( ((@)

–(@)) )))))))))))))) ))
—–//. .N. . . . . . . . //
—-//. . . .I . . . . . . //
—//. . . . . .G . . . .//
–//. . . . . . . H. . .//
-//. . . . . . . . .T. .//
(( (((((((((((((( ((@)

Have a Sweet Dream.
Bye Bye. :) :p

Dec 19 2013

Good Morning Sms Hindi

Welcome A New Day With A
On Ur
*In Mind*


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May 23 2013

Always Be Good With The Good

Always be good with the good but

Never be bad with the bad because

You can’t wash mud with mud”

So try always b pure like water.”

Dec 19 2013

Good Looks Catch D Eyes But Good Personality

“Good looks catch d eyes but good personality catches d heart

U r blessed with both”

Don’t be excited it was sent to me.

I just want to share it

ξğóòđ môrñíñğξ

May 25 2013

Best Christmas 2013 Sms

  • Ur friendship::::
    Ur friendship is a glowing ember
    through the yr n each december frm
    its warm n livin spark -v -kindle flame against
    a dark n with its shining radiance
    light our tree of -faith on Christmas night.
  • a big fat man::::
    One day a big fat man comes
    to you and puts you in a big bag.
    Don’t get afraid,i asked santaclause
    to gift me a good friend for this xmas.
    Happy christmas.–
  • Your Heart::::
    Somehow, Not Only for Christmas,
    But all the Long Year through,– 

    The Joy that you Give to Others,
    Is the Joy that Comes Back to You.

    And the More you Spend in Blessing,
    The Poor and Lonely and Sad,—

    The More of Your Heart’s Possessing,
    Returns to you glad.–

May 27 2013

Dhanteras Occasion Sms 2013

On Dhanteras Occasion
Wishing you Wealth, Good Health,
Happiness and Prosperity
Dhanteras Wishes…
Have a Lovely Day…
Happy Diwali

May 23 2013

Advice Sms For Good Life

Good Life Advice Sms

Straight roads never make Good drivers!

Smooth sea never makes Good sailors!

Clear sky never makes Good pilots!

Problem free life never makes a strong & Good person.

Be strong enough to accept the challenges of life.

Dont ask Life “y me?”

Instead say “Try me!”Have a tough but a wining day.

Dec 20 2013

Nice Friend Nice Night-english Good Night Sms

Night Gift // Rat Sony Ki Dua

4 A Nice Friend Nice Night-English Good Night SMS

Ab RAAT ki palkein bheeg chaleen – Good Night SMS

Raat Kaafi Ho Chuki

Have a nice sleep-Good Night SMS

Night has gone and the moon too

Stars light Stars bright

I can not sleep because of you

lyf is lyk a Piano

Police Wala Aur Fauji

May 24 2013

Good Luck Charm

May riches shine on u
Good Luck Dear!