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May 30 2013

Jija Saali Sms

Jija apni Sali se:

Teri Behen Masroof hy, Zara Kaaky Noo Dudh Pila dy

Sali: Sorry Jee, Mera Dudh Nai Aanda

Jija: “Acha Waisay Show Shaa Tay Bari aY”

May 30 2013

Difference Between Wife And Saali

What is the difference b/w wife and saali? 

Saali is Beauty,
Wife is duty,

Saali is passion,
Wife is tension,

Saali is patakha,
Wife is sayapa,

Saali is cool,
Wife is fool,

Saali is tuty-fruity,
Wife is qismat photi,

Saali is fresh cake,
Wife is earth quake..:p

May 24 2013

Janam Din Badhai For Saali

Dear Saali

Janam Din ki bohat bohat badhai ho.

No doubt ye din mere lye special hai,

Kyon ke iss din meri pyar Saali ne Janam lya

May 28 2013

Bengali Durga Puja Poem

Ashirwad Bado Ka,
Pyar Dosto Ka,
Duaen Sabki,
Karuna Rabki,
Dussehra Ki Hardik Shubhkamnaey

May 29 2013

Bakra Eid Poetry N Eid Ul Azha Poem

Bakra Eid Poetry / Shayari

The radiant sun I see through my window
smiling as it does, it gladdens my heart,
a welcome harbinger, it lets me know
that it’s Eid ul Adha, subhanallah!

At once I see, in the vista of my eye
this brotherhood of man, from near and far
every colour and creed, I hear them cry
for this gift of Allah, al hamdulillah!

I see hujjaj, resplendent in white
arriving for Haj, a da’eem of Islam -
one of the seven, and so it is writ,
at the haram of Allah, al Baitullah!

A magnificent jewel, all gilted and in black
swirling and swaying in the sea of white
The Ka’bah, I see, for goodness sake -
Allaho Akber, ma’shallah!

The tawaf of Ka’bah, round and round
tiptoeing Safa and Marwah too,
to Musdhalifah and beyond
on top of Arafa’, before Allah!

I see them stoning the Satan, in fact
united in purpose and doing their farz
For muslimeen, a symbolic act
in the name of Allah, bismillah!

Blessed are those who are gifted with zabihat
‘Eid Mubarak’ n’ tehniyaat to one and all
To our maula, I pray, sehat o’ aafiyat
and his nazaraat for always, ya Allah

Bakra Eid Poems

We celebrate Eid-ul-Adha and the Hajj,
In which the rewards are much.

Eid-ul-Adha is a reminder of Ibrahim’s (PBUH) sacrifice,
Which shows us in how many ways Allah is nice.

We run between the mountains of Safa and Marwa,
Since it was done by Bibi Hajira.

Hajj is about equality,
Forget your own individuality.

Doing the rituals in a few days,
For cleaning your slate, this is one of the ways.

The reason for this Eid leads back to Ibrahim’s (PBUH) story,
But we must remember that only Allah deserves all glory.

May 28 2013

Dewali Hindi Sms 2011 Diwali Sms

Happy Diwali… for everone
Diwali is the gala season of light,
the season of Divine power.
Enjoy this wonderful collection of heart touching and vibrant Diwali Poems,
beautiful Diwali Love Poem,
a Diwali poem to show love and to thank our heavenly GOD,
the spirit of power.
Diwali is the gala season of light

May 28 2013

Dewali Hindi Sms 2013

Happy Diwali For Everone
Diwali Is The Gala Season Of Light,
The Season Of Divine Power.
Enjoy This Wonderful Collection Of Heart Touching And Vibrant Diwali Poems,
Beautiful Diwali Love Poem,
A Diwali Poem To Show Love And To Thank Our Heavenly God,
The Spirit Of Power.
Diwali Is The Gala Season Of Light

May 30 2013

Dosti Sms Poetry

Dosti Poetry Sms

This poem is dedicated to all my friends.

Ek din zindgi aise mukam pe pohanch jaye gi,

Dosti to sirf yadon main hi reh jaye gi ,

Har mazak ki baat yad doston ki dilaye gi,

Aur hanste hanste phir ankh num ho jaye gi,

Office ke room main classroom nazar ayegi,

Paisa to bahut hoga

Magar us se lutane ki waja hi kho jaye gi,

jee le khul ke is pal ko mere dost,

kyun ke zindagi in palon ko phir se nahi dohraye gi.

“MISS YOU my all friends

May 29 2013

Bakra Eid Shayari Poet In Urdu English Hindi

Bakra Eid Shayari Poem In Urdu

Bakra debit
Cash credit

Qurbani debit
Gosht Credit

Qasai Debit
Khaal Credit

Aap Debit
Hum Credit

Eid Mubarik

Hamara Msg Debit
Apka Reply Credit

[[ Eid Ul Azha Mubarik ]]

Bakra Eid Shayari Poet In English

Like the color of silver,
in da night sky,
da new moon rises,
da Holly month has past,
da fasting is over,
tomorrow is da gr8 feast of Eid-ul-adha.

We’ll eat spicy chicken,
nd mouthwatering pakoras,
I’ll call ma neighbour,
nd friends on da street,

Bakra Eid Shayari Poetry In Hindi

Mubarak mauka Allah ne atah farmaya,
ek baar fir bandagi ki rah pe chalaya
Adaa karna apna farz tum khuda ki liye..
Khushi se bhari ho eid ul adha apke liye !!

May 28 2013

Happy Eid Day Sms

2011 Happy Eid Day Sms In Urdu Hindi Or English

Happy Eid Day Sms In English

Amazing Eid Poem
Eid Mubarak to everyone come on
Let’s have lots of fun!
Eid is fun and great
It is time to celebrate
Everyone’s going to the mosque to pray
People are grateful, it’s a special day.
“Mmmmmm”.. the taste of the delicious food
Really puts you in a good mood.
Children opening their gifts with smiles
On their faces and having fun going
Out to different places.
Everybody’s wearing their posh clothes
And the guys are cruising in their
Flashy cars on the roads.
All of a sudden the day comes to an end
Well what can I say…
Thank you for a beautiful and lovely day!!!

Happy Eid Day Sms In Hindi

–==Eid Ka Din–==

Is Eid Per

Wo Mere Saath nahi

Magar Wo

Uski Yadain

Us Ki Batain

Sab Mujhe Yaad Hai

Us ne Mujhe

Yaad Kia Hoga

Phir Mere Khialon Mein

Khooye Huey

Tasawar Ke

Kisi Lamhe Mein

Dheeray Se Kaha Hoga

~~~EiD MuBaRaK~~~!

Happy Eid Day Sms In Urdu

Tumhari Or Zardari Ki Ek Adat Same Hai..
Jantay Ho Kiya ?? ??

Woh Bhi Mujhe EiD WisH Nahi KarTa Or TuM Bhi…/

BuT i WiLL NoT dO thE saMe Coz i hAve GoT mY owN StyLe…
sO hAve A Gr8 EiD…/

^|^|^ EiD MubaraK ^|^|^