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May 30 2013

Awkward Moment When Mom Says

The awkward moment when your mom says.!

” O my Innocent Son” :D ;)



The awkward moment when your mom says.!
” Haye mera shareef bacha” :D ;)

May 28 2013

Diwali Sms Quotes For My Mother

Today’s the Festival of Lights all over,
A joyful day for minds and hearts and souls,
And people throng the Temples to offer,
Prayers resolving to take better roles,
It seems to be a happy day on Earth,
Because My Mother Also With Me,
Mom You Are Best In the Universe..
Happy Diwali Mom

May 25 2013

True Bravery Is To Arrive Home

true bravery is 2 arrive home…..
fully drunk……
a late night out…..
&& mom waiting with a jhadu and u ask:
“hey mom, abhi tak safai kar rahi ho”

May 25 2013

Funny Sms On Sachin Tendulkar

Petrol: 71
Sachin: 99
Who will reach 100 first???

Sachin’s Son: Mom! look here dad hitting sixers all the way.
Mom: Son! that is boost advertisement.

Sehwag ko MAYUR pehnao,
Sachin ko Pepsi pilao,
Dhoni ke baalo mein Gel lagao,
Dravid ko castorl pilao
Warna Team India aise he haarti rahe gi

May 30 2013

English Funny Sms 2011

Funny Sms In English 2011

A boy goes to see a dance.

His mom angrily asks him:
Did u see anything there that
u were not supposed to see?

Boy: yes, I saw dad!

May 30 2013

Funny Fact Sms

This Funny fact always happen with me:
Study for one Hour-
No One sees.!
But pick up mobile just 4 a second,
& Mom/Dad enters d room! ;)

May 30 2013

Fail In Exam Mubarakan

If you fail in Exam:
Dad Say 3 words: Ullu da Patha
Mom Says 3 words: Hor khail bahr
Lovers says 3 words: Nalaiq kahi ke
Frnds says 3 words:  Mubarkan…..Tusi vi……

May 30 2013

In An Exam

In an exam,
chldrn wer gvn to write an esay on mother.

A cute child wrote:

“combination of million wrds
4m 26 alphabets
can never express my loving mom.”:-)

May 30 2013

Bacha Apni Maa Se

Bacha Apni Maa Se:Mom 10 Rupee Dena Bahir ghareeb Ko Dene Hain

Maa: Kidhar Hai ghareeb?

Bacha:Bahir Khara”KULFI” Bech Raha Hai Garmi Main Bechara…