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May 30 2013

An Old Man Married A Young Girl

An old man married a young girl,

Some one asks the girl:

Aap ne in mye kiya dekha?

Girl: Ek tou in ki



dosray in kay


May 28 2013

A Man Was Mentioned

A man was mentioned in the presence of Rasul (صلى الله عليه وسلم), thereupon a man praised him well. Rasul (صلى الله عليه وسلم)  said: Woe to you, you have cut the neck of your friend. Whoever among you is, unavoidably, going to praise his brother then let him say:
‘Ahsabu (the person), wa-allahu haseebuhu, wa lã ‘uzakkee `alã ‘allãhi ‘ahadan, ‘ahsabuhu (as such and as such), if he knows that of him.

May 30 2013

Spider Man Sms

Agr kbi Spider Man LAHORE Aa Jae,

Tou Subha TV Channels Pr Sb Se Pehle Kya News Hogi?


Spider Man MOCHI gate ßijli Ki Taron Mein Phas K Halaak…

May 30 2013

Meri Kahani


Woh school ki perhai wo pyar bhari baatien,

Wo syllabus ki tension wo exam ki raatien,

Wo kenteen ki party woh friends Ki laatien,

Wo roothna mana-na

Wo bunk mulaaqatien

Proposal ki planning mien wo rt ka guzarna

Phir class k peechay ki seat per sona

betuki baaton ko serious lena

wo matlab ki baatien hansi mien urana

Na wo din hain

Naa raatien, Naa ghusa, Naa baatien

Ager kuch hai to bus Yaadien Hee Yaadien…

May 25 2013

New Dating Tips For Women 2011

Ltest Dating Tips For Women 2011

1.Always look great, whatever your income. Gorgeous hair and some lipstick with rags will still turn his head. You have the advantage. You are the woman. Look your best as you could meet a potential Mr. Right anywhere at any time.
2.Never reveal information you don’t have to. An enigmatic woman drives men wild.
3.Keep dates brief, but your men interested. Less is always more.
4.Try and stay in shape and involve some fitness regime at a gym. However much you hate it, your Mr. Right loves your body as much as your mind.
5.Let your man pay. If he is interested, he is interested enough to ensure you eat well and get home safely in a cab.
6.Ensure you receive flowers. If he doesn’t know what a florist is, dump him.
7.Never ever sleep with a guy until he has fallen for you. Sex early in your dating game plan will ruin everything.
8.Always keep a guy waiting and never turn up early. It is a lady’s perogative.
9.Never be available when he wants you to be. Never be at the end of a phone when he calls and always let him leave a message or two first before replying.
10.If he is available Tuesday, you are available Thursday.
11.Weekend shopping trips with girlfriends are sacred and not available for dates.
12.Keep your man standing on quicksand by shifting landmarks and goalposts constantly.
13.Ensure you are a good kisser. Men will walk away if you cannot kiss. Practice on a mirror if you have to.
14.Never ever talk about previous boyfriends, particularly their prowess in the bedroom. Your ex-boyfriends are your business only.

May 30 2013

I Was In Washroom And Old Buddy

Awesome Moment:
I was in washroom and my old buddy text me, What’s up Kanjar?
I replied,

May 30 2013

Pregnant Wife Sms

80 year old man: Dr meri 20 sal ki wife pregnant hogai mujhe yaqin nahi arha

Doctor: Ok 1 qisa suno.

1 shikari shikar pe jata ha lekin galti se gun ki jga umbrela lejata ha.

Samne se 1 sher ajata ha.Shikari umbrela nikal k goli chala deta ha sher mar jata ha

Old man: Imposible,kisi or ne mari hogi.

Doctor: Exactly!

May 23 2013

A Hero Is No Braver Than A Ordinary Man

A hero is no braver than a ordinary man,

but he is braver five minutes longer – R W Emerson.

May 24 2013

A Fool Man Reading This Msg

Aaj ki news suni hai?
CNN per?
BBC per?
AajTak per?
NDTV per?
GEO per?
Nahi suna?
Radio per to suna ho ga,
Agar nahi to ab sun lo,
Today is April Fool Day,
This Time
Fool Man
Reading this msg very carefully….
Happy April Fool

May 24 2013

Relation Between Man And Women

Marriage is that relation between
man and women in which
the Independence is Equal,
the Dependence mutual and
the Obligation Reciprocal”.
Best wishes for Happy Wedding Anniversary.