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May 28 2013

Eid Messages In Hindi

Hindi Eid messages

Aaj Khuda ki hum par ho Meharbani,
Karde maf hum logo ki sare Naformani,
Eid Ka din aj aao milka kare yahi wada,
Khuda ka hi raho mai hum chalange sada.
Sare Musalman ko EID MUBARAK

May 25 2013

Buddha Purnima Sms In Hindi

Hindi Buddha Purnima Sms

In the burst of illumination

He discovered the meaning

Of existence and became

Lord Buddha

Warm Greetings

On Buddha Jayanti

May 25 2013

Urdu Or Hindi Buddha Jayanti/purnima Text Bhajans

Buddha Jayanti/Purnima Bhajans In Urdu Or Hindi

O ye who tread the Narrow Way
By Tophet-flare to Judgment Day,
Be gentle when the ‘heathen’ pray
To Buddha at Kamakura!

To him the Way, the Law, apart,
Whom Maya held beneath her heart,
Ananda’s Lord, the Bodhisat,
The Buddha of Kamakura.

For though he neither burns nor sees,
Nor hears ye thank your Deities,
Ye have not sinned with such as these,
His children at Kamakura.

Yet spare us still the Western joke
When joss-sticks turn to scented smoke
The little sins of little folk
That worship at Kamakura -

The grey-robed, gay-sashed butterflies
That flit beneath the Master’s eyes.
He is beyond the Mysteries
But loves them at Kamakura.

And whoso will, from Pride released,
Contemning neither creed nor priest,
May feel the Soul of all the East
About him at Kamakura.

Yea, every tale Ananda heard,
Of birth as fish or beast or bird,
While yet in lives the Master stirred,
The warm wind brings Kamakura.

Till drowsy eyelids seem to see
A-flower ‘neath her golden htee
The Shwe-Dagon flare easterly
From Burmah to Kamakura,

And down the loaded air there comes
The thunder of Thibetan drums,
And droned – “Om mane padme hums” -
A world’s-width from Kamakura.

Yet Brahmans rule Benares still,
Buddh-Gaya’s ruins pit the hill,
And beef-fed zealots threaten ill
To Buddha and Kamakura.

A tourist-show, a legend told,
A rusting bulk of bronze and gold,
So much, and scarce so much, ye hold
The meaning of Kamakura?

But when the morning prayer is prayed,
Think, ere ye pass to strife and trade,
Is God in human image made
No nearer than Kamakura?

May 25 2013

Hindi Buddha Jayanti Sms

Hindi Buddha Jayanti sms

Aroghyam Oka Goppa Varam!

Santrupti Oka Goppa sampada!!

Viswassam Manchi Bandhavaim!!

Happy Buddha Jayanti.

May 25 2013

Buddha Jayanti Sms In Hindi

Buddha Jayanti Sms In Hindi

Gautam Bhudda, the Light of Asia,
his message has traveled far and wide
and captured the hearts and minds
of billions of people in the world.
Happy Buddha Jayanti.

May 25 2013

English Hindi Urdu Easter Day Sms Quotes Wishes 2011

Easter Day Sms  In English Hindi

The joyful news that He is risen does not change the contemporary world.  Still before us lie work, discipline, sacrifice.  But the fact of Easter gives us the spiritual power to do the work, accept the discipline, and make the sacrifice.  ~Henry Knox Sherrill


Tomb, thou shalt not hold Him longer;
Death is strong, but Life is stronger;
Stronger than the dark, the light;
Stronger than the wrong, the right…
~Phillips Brooks, “An Easter Carol”


The fasts are done; the Aves said;
The moon has filled her horn
And in the solemn night I watch
Before the Easter morn.
So pure, so still the starry heaven,
So hushed the brooding air,
I could hear the sweep of an angel’s wings
If one should earthward fare.
~Edna Dean Proctor, “Easter Morning”

May 25 2013

Bewafa Shayari Sms In Hindi

Bewafa Shayari Sms In Hindi

Astitwa hai jo in jajbatoon ka
Wo bahot purana hai
Aasha rakhoge agar diloon mein
To chot ek din tumhein khana hai.

May 24 2013

Happy Baisakhi Hindi And Punjabi Poetry

Baisakhi Mubarak Poetry in Hindi

Aap hanste ho hamain hasane ke lye,
Aap rote ho hame rolane ke lye,
Aik baar ruth kar to dekho,
Marr jayen gain apko manane ke lye,
Baisakhi Mubarak Ho
Happy Baisakhi Punjabi Poetry

Tussi Hasde yo sanu hasaan vaaste
Tussi rone yo saanu rovaan vaaste
Ek vaar rus ke ta vekho sohneyo
Marr javange tuhanu manaan vaaste.
Baisakhi da din hai khushiyan manaan vaaste.
Baisakhi diyan vadhiyan.

May 28 2013

Hindi Dream Sms

Hindi Dream Sms

Begin the day with a light heart.
Let all your worries be swept aside at night.
Smile a moment and thank God, for every moment He cares for you all the way.
Good Night.

May 23 2013

Advice Sms Msg Qoutes Collection In Hindi Urdu English

latest advice sms advice messages hindi urdu and english

advice sms 1.

Six Rules 2 B Happy…
Free Yr Heart From Hatred
Free Yr Mind From Worries
Make Yr Life Simple
Expect Less From Others
Give More 2 Others
Always Have a True Friend Like Me.

Before You Speak-Listen!
Before You Write-Think!
Before You Spend-Earn!
Before You Criticize-Wait!
Before You Pray-Forgive!
Before You Quit-Try!
Before You Die-Live…



advice sms 2.

It is important to follow rules rather than to make rules.



advice sms 3.