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May 30 2013

An Old Man Married A Young Girl

An old man married a young girl,

Some one asks the girl:

Aap ne in mye kiya dekha?

Girl: Ek tou in ki



dosray in kay


May 24 2013

Boys Get Mad Easily

Boys get mad easily, but usually do not show it.
Girls get sad easily and can cry like crazy! …
Boys care about the quantity of love!.
Girls care about the quality of love …
Boys can forget, but can not forgive.
Girls can forgive, but can not forget! …
Boys can never reject a girl’s add friend request
But girls often reject it just to feel powerful!!
Boys prefer the phrase “Boys vs Girls”
Girls INSIST on saying “Girls vs Boys” !! face-smile.png

May 24 2013

Only Boys Wish With True Heart

Boy to girl before exam: Hey all the best
Girl: All the best to you too
But girl scored 80 marks & boy failed


Moral: Only boys wish with true heart.

May 24 2013

The Girl Lost Her Chance To Marry

Boy: Marry Me..?

Girl: Do You Have A House…?
Boy: No..

Girl: Do You Have A Bmw Car…?
Boy: No..

Girl: How Much Is Your Salary..?
Boy: No Salary, But.

Girl: No But.You Have Nothing.
How Can I Marry You? Leave Please!!

Boy: (talking To Himself) I Have One Villa, 3 Property
Lands, 3 Ferrari ‘ S, And 3 Porsche’s. Why Would I Need
To Have A Bmw ? How Could I Get A Salary When
I’m The Boss!
& The Girl Lost Her Chance

May 24 2013

Boy To Girl Funny Jokes

I Love You
I Will Die 4U
I Can’t Live without U
Girl: Purrr
I Will Send U EasyLoad
Purrrr .

May 24 2013

I Kiss U Without Touching

Boy: I kiss u without touching U
Girl: U cant
Boy:Laggi shart 20,20 ki?
Boy kissed her
Girl: U touched me
Boy: khapp na paa ay lay 20 rupay.

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May 24 2013

Boy To Girl Pen Hai

Boy: Pen Hai?

Girl: nai Hai.

Boy: Pen Hai Pen?

Girl: kaha Na Nahi Hai.
(Thori Dare Bad)

Boy: pen Hai Pen?Pen?

Girl: kitni Bar Kahun Nahi Hai.
Ab Dubara Pucha To Hathoray Say Sar Phar Dungi.

Boy: Hathora Hai?

Girl: nahi..

Boy: Acha Phir Pen Hai Pen??

May 24 2013

Boys Always Want To Be A

Boys always want to be a girl’s first love.


Girls like to be a Boy’s Last Romance

May 24 2013

Why Boys Are So Careless

Why boys are so careless and irresponsible??
Coz they know that somewhere
a sweet and innocent girl
is learning to be responsible for them.

May 24 2013

Girl Vs Boy Jokes

kiya hum Mcdonalds ja sakte hain?
han agr tum mujhe Mcdonalds ki spelling suna do t0u.
Girl kuch der soch k boli:
dafa karo hum KFC chalte hain.
acha ye btao k KFC se kya banta hai?
Girl kuch der sochne k baad sharmindgi se boli:
acha chalo kahin se naan chhole kha lete han.